Scott; Illustrator, Writing Critic

Scott Ladzinski likes to draw, a lot. He likes it so much that he draws in every single library book he checks out. Born the son of a poor, Polish basket weaving immigrant, Scott initially decided to pursue a career in dish washing before concluding that he was allergic to soap, and manual labor. The next day he faked a back injury, filed for unemployment and his life has never been the same since. Now a jolly ward of the state, Scott spends as much time as possible trying to figure out how not to work rather than doing anything productive. According to MapQuest, Scott lives exactly 1006.93 miles away from his friend Aaron, and though they long for the delicate embrace that only stauch heterosexual manliness can bring to a friendship, they trudge on, dedicated to tempting fate and making up stories about two idiots who live with a cow.

Aaron; Writer, Illustration Critic

The last in a long lineage of Ceramic Fish Mongers, Aaron DuMoulin is a shining beacon of hope to a dying breed of manliness. His desire to overcome the fate dealt to him drove him in and out of many professions, Fry Cook at a popular yet not to be named hamburger joint, Oyster Shucker, Sewer Dredger, and at one point, for three days, he even held a lofty political position for the city of Chicago (hanging chads be damned). Despite these improvements over his heritage, Aaron wanted, neigh, CRAVED more. Regardless of how much he hates it, Aaron is a fantastic writer, a brilliant thinker and an enlightened intellectual. His work has been published on dozens of bathroom walls and internet forums across the internet and now he has settled down into a life of mediocrity writing this comic.

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