Welcome to the Archive. You are smart enough to read the comic, so we assume you are also intelligent enough to realize this is where we keep the past issues of TrOObs. For our convenience we have stacked these from the bottom up (you know, issue one starting at the bottom of the pile and then progressing sequentially as you reach the top of the page). We did this because we are too lazy to code them from the top down as this would require us to scroll to the bottom of the code every time we make additions to the page. We did not include a search function because neither of us could be bothered taking the time to write the script and testing it and all that crap. We did add a navigation function once you are looking at the issues however, so you can progress through them without coming back to this page every time. Obviously this took a lot of time and effort so we would encourage you to use it.

For the readers information. Issues 1 - 50 are the best of the original Tr00bs, issues starting at 51 are the Men of Myth archives.

It's nap time, enjoy the comics.

-Scott and Aaron

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